We are aware that our registration process is NEW and there may be some challenges with getting the process completed.  All schools are willing, ready, and prepared to help each of you navigate through the process.  Please call or go visit your schools for support.  (FTUSD News 21-22 Student Registration)  

Secretaries are at each school during the day to help you complete all registration forms or to access your PowerSchool Parent Portal, Monday – Thursday 8:00 – 3:00 pm.  Computers are available at the school sites for your use.  Come on in for help. 

In addition, Monday, July 26, 4:30 – 6:30 pm at Mount Turnbull Academyall schools will have staff available for help and you will have access to a computer to use. 

*New students bring your documents to be copied if not able to upload. (FTUSD News 21-22 Student Registration) 

 *All parents/guardians will be given a PowerSchool Parent Portal login that will connect all children in a family or guardianship to one Portal for parents/guardians to easily access all children at the same time. 

*ONLY New Students to the district are to register through the NEW Student Registration. 

*If your child has ever been in the Fort Thomas School district, even for a short time, you will need to register through the Returning Student Portal – call the school to activate your child in the system again and receive your PowerSchool Parent Portal information. 

*ONLY secretaries can manage PowerSchool Parent Portal accounts. 

*You must submit all your child’s registration forms and be accepted by school secretaries for enrollment to be complete – missing documents will keep your child’s registration from being final. 

  • You only need to submit the form one time. 
  • You can call the school or email if you have questions about any of the forms. 


NEW Student Registration 

Returning Student Portal