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AZ Department of Education Guidance and Suggestions

CDC Guidance for Schools     

AZ Department of Health Services

Fort Thomas School District has prepared a comprehensive plan to mitigate risk of exposure to COVID19 in our district.  FTUSD has based our plan and any updates on CDC, AZ Department of Health, AZ Department of Education Guidelines, Graham County and Tribal Health Departments.

In Person Learning Overview:

  • Four days a week; Monday - Thursday

    • After school remediation 3:00 - 4:00

  • Social distancing is expected

  • Enhanced cleaning and safety protocols

  • Face coverings are recommended

  • Elementary grade levels stay together at recess

  • Minimal sharing of materials

  • All students will have a district-provided laptop

  • Electives/specials will observe social  distancing and safety protocols

  • Modified breakfast and lunch schedule

  • May participate in extracurricular activities and high school athletics, following safety measures

  • Social and emotional support to promote student, staff and family wellness

School Procedures:

Before leaving home

  • A parent will check their child for any symptoms that would prevent them from attending/remaining at school.

  • If symptoms, please keep the child home and contact school.

Bus Safety

  • Parents, when able, please wait with your child to help ensure social  distancing at the bus stop.

  • Parents will be required to pick up their student if not riding home on the student's scheduled bus (no bus notes).

At School

  • Social  distancing will be expected.

  • Face coverings will be recommended

  • Student transitions will be minimized; teachers will transition rooms, as much as possible.

  • At elementary recess, grade levels will stay together and limit sharing of equipment

  • The social and emotional needs of our students and employees continues to be a priority and will be a focus for the 2021-2022 school year.

 In the classroom

  • Desks will be physically distanced and facing forward.

  • To the greatest extent possible, materials will not be shared.

  • Electives/specials will observe classroom social  distancing and safety protocols.

  • The district will have a  1:1 technology environment. 

  • Small group instruction will utilize sneeze guards.

 At breakfast/lunch

  • Class groupings will be spaced apart in the cafeteria/classroom. 

  • Additional lunch periods will be added to allow for social  distancing.

 Student Services

  • Increased staff has been hired this school year to support student educational and emotional needs.

  • In-school interventions and special education services will continue.

  • After school remediation will continue.

  • If parents are unable to be in person for student meetings, online video or phone conferences will be used.  Please ensure the school has current phone numbers and email addresses.

Athletics and extracurriculars

  • High school athletics will follow AIA-recommended guidelines.

  • School events/field trips will be in person following health guidelines.  When appropriate, virtual or modified participation will be offered.

Additional Safety Measures:

Hand Washing

  • Require all students and staff to frequently wash their hands at regular intervals throughout the day with both soap and water and hand sanitizer.


  • No outside visitors or volunteers except for the safety and well-being of students.

  • Parents will report to the front office and not go beyond unless it is for the safety or well-being of their child.

  • Must follow all safety protocols.

Intensify Cleaning and Disinfection and Maintenance

  • Surfaces will be cleaned regularly throughout the school day, including bathrooms, playground, and touchpoint areas.

  • Change air filters regularly

  • Ensure additional support at school sites for cleaning and disinfecting protocols.

Suspected Case

  • Person will be isolated in a designated area until determined by the nurse/health department proper course of action. 

  • Parents may be called to pick up students from school and need to follow nurse/health department recommendations.

Training and signage

  • Training will be provided for all employees, students and parents on the expected safety protocols.

  • Signage will be posted and visible throughout the campus.